Cohen Media Launches New Website and Online Catalog Built on Logic CMX

By Cyber-NY | October 14, 2022
Cohen Media

New Discoveries and Restored Classics

Cohen Media Group distributes select films throughout North America including restored classics and new discoveries, including academy award winning and nominated films.  The CMG team devotes their best efforts towards each film’s fullest potential.  Cyber-NY is proud to present their latest website representing the company, film catalog, theatrical releases, home video, and streaming services.  The new website was designed at Cyber-NY and built on our Logic CMX platform using Logic's catalog manager and tools for availability and theatrical playdates.

New Features and Functionality

Logic CMX delivered new features and functionality crucial to realizing CMG's vision and meeting business objectives.  All meta data is maintained in Logic CMX's catalog manager with product data and availability managed within the commerce section.  The result is a dynamic, searchable catalog of all CMG films with B2B and direct to consumer features.

Online catalog of films using Logic CMX catalog manager that populates metadata, trailers, press assets and theatrical dates.

As CMG releases new titles in theaters, tickets are made available through Logic's Theatrical Playdates module.  Venues are geo located and can be searched by city, state or zip.  As films move from theatrical to streaming and home video, Logic seamlessly accomodates the film's life cycle with availability manager (where to watch, where to buy) and repertoire listings.


Theatrical Playdates Manager

Theatrical playdates management with links to tickets.



Availability manager shows where to watch or purchase films.


More About Cohen Media

Formed in 2008 by Charles S. Cohen, an executive producer of Frozen River which garnered two Academy Award nominations, the Cohen Media Group (CMG) is a Academy Award-winning independent theatrical distribution and production company, releasing the world's best in contemporary and classic cinema.

Cohen Media Group distributes select films throughout North America, allowing the CMG team to devote their best efforts towards each film’s fullest potential. CMG has released multiple Academy Award-nominated films, including Timbuktu, Mustang, and 2017’s Academy Award-winner, The Salesman. 

In addition to a dedication to high-quality new releases, Cohen Media Group also restores classic films under the label, CohenFilm Collection. The restorations, which include the Merchant Ivory collection and the Buster Keaton catalogue, are re-released theatrically in pristine transfers and presentations. 

With a strong dedication to quality movies and a talented support team of experienced professionals, Cohen Media Group looks forward to a long future as part of the film industry’s distinguished horizon.