May the 4th Be With You! Celebrating the Launch of the Redwood Coast Film Experience App.

By Cyber-NY | May 4, 2024
Star Wars Forest Moon Festival

Logic CMX develops the Redwood Coast Film Experience App for the Humboldt-Del Norte Film Commission to release on May 4th "Star Wars Day" to promote HDNFC's upcoming Forrest Moon Festival.


Today is a special day for Star Wars fans around the world as we celebrate May the 4th, also known as Star Wars Day. This punny play on words has become a beloved tradition among fans of the iconic sci-fi franchise.  And this year we're celebrating with the release of the Redwood Coast Film Experience app that includes special features for this year's Forest Moon Festival kicking off at the end of May.


The Humbold-Del Norte Film Commission chose Logic CMX as the platform to develop their new Redwood Coast Film Experience app.  Available in both iOS and Android versions, the app celebrates over 100 years of movie-making history with an internactive Map of the Movies - a self guided tour of dozens of film locations scattered throughout the redwood forests of Humboldt and Del Norte counties, as well as a museum guide and lodging.  Perhaps most famous of all the film locations is the Battle of Endor location used for Return of the Jedi as the third installment of the Star Wars film saga.  Hundreds of Star Wars fans make the pilgremage to this iconic location each year leading to the creation of the Forest Moon Festival, named for Endor which everyone knows is a forest covered moon inhabited by Ewoks.

This year, Cyber-NY and Logic CMX are thrilled to be a part of the festival by creating the Redwood Coast Film Experience app complete with map of the movies, festival schedule, scavenger hunt, and other interactive features to enhance the festival experience.  The app features a QR code scanner with lightsaber sound effects that young Jedis will use to unlock clues and gather badges at various locations of the festival as part of the scavenger hunt and passport games. Collect all the badges and passport stamps and be entered to win a grand prize or runner up gift packages.

On this day, fans come together to celebrate all things Star Wars. From movie marathons to cosplay events, there are countless ways to show your love for the galaxy far, far away. Many fans take to social media to share their favorite quotes, moments, and memories from the franchise.  So it's only fitting that the Film Exp app is launched as part of the celebration.