Starpicks Delivers Video Content Through Celebrity Curated Channels

By Cyber-NY | January 5, 2024
Starpicks Streaming Service

A New Spin On Streaming has developed an intriguing new concept in personality TV by having celebrities, influencers, and cultural icons curate playlists of their favorite shows and movies with a splash of their personalized programming.  The new ad supported streaming service launched for beta testing this year and is free to watch.  Focused on the Latinx market, viewers will find an abundance of both Spanish and English speaking video programming with available subtitles.  


Top Movies and Trending TV

More than movies, Starpicks is a lifestyle streaming service with curated offerings on the best things in life like travel, food, music, culture, and of course pets!  This highly stylized service fully leveraged Logic CMX's ability to go beyond templates and create a truly unique experience that rivals offerings by major streaming services like Hulu and dare we say Netflix?


Lifestyle Channels


From the start, it's hard to ignore Starpicks curated offerings of international TV and movies that are engaging, entertaining, and admittedly quite addictive. There's always something new to discover on Starpicks from a new favorite vegan smoothie recipe to Indonesian crime thrillers - this site delivers.  Cyber-NY added a powerful tag-based search tool to Logic CMX that helps viewers discover new and related content with each visit.


Search includes popular tags to help discover your next favorite video


Engaging and addictive TV from around the world


More About Logic CMX

Cyber-NY worked with the Starpicks team to design and develop a streaming video service that connects to Backlights / Zype video platform and provides powerful search tools, personalization, subscription management, and reporting tools.  With dozens of preset modules, video api capabilities, and an intuitive content management system, Logic CMX is the prefect platform for building performance based entertainment applications.  Visit Logic CMX or contact us to learn more.