Two Wheels. 200 MPH. Every Man For Himself.

By Michael Brown | July 1, 2020
Faster Movies by Director Mark Neale

Director Mark Neale Launches FASTERMOVIES as the New Home For His Motorcycle Racing Documentaries.

Famed director Mark Neale will be adding exciting new films, stories and merchandise in the coming weeks and months as we launch his new website today. Built by Logic CMX on our new LOGIC Video Platform (LVP), our history of working together extends back to 2004 when we built Mark's first website for the film FASTER. Over the years we've enjoyed each new film in the series and have become huge fans of Mark's work, which extends beyond motorcyle documentaries into music videos for artists including U2, and a documentary on the godfather of cyberpunk, William Gibson, in the film No Maps For These Territories.

Four of the films available on have not been available in North America for quite a while and we're very happy they’re now back: FASTERFaster&FasterThe Doctor, The Tornado & The Kentucky Kid (2019); and CHARGE. They’ve all been re-mastered in HD and are available for 7-day rental at We'll also be adding Faster Movies tee shirts, posters, hats, and other collectible merchandise to the online store later this month.

The Doctor, The Tornado & The Kentucky Kid (2019) is a new cut including a tribute to Nicky Hayden.


Look for a live event July 12 to mark the 15th anniversary of MotoGP’s arrival in the USA. We’re celebrating the 2005 Laguna Seca race and, especially, the life of Nicky Hayden with a special free screening online of The Doctor, The Tornado & The Kentucky Kid. Check it out here!

In September, all the films including FASTEST will be available to buy as well as to rent. (Why rent now and buy later? Why no FASTEST now? Because of  film rights and distribution shenanigans, that’s why!).  We'll also have beautiful new tee shirts that are being manufactured and shipped out by Clockwork in Los Angeles. 

Visit to learn more and check out some insane motorcycle action!